Deb Otto

Your past can haunt you and prevent you from living the life you’re meant to live. Initially, Deb came to Oak Strength for her two boys.  Will and Ben play football and she knew that leading them to healthy fitness habits was important.  However, Deb had a difficult time letting go of a past full of weight issues, lack of confidence, divorce, and an unhealthy self-image.  She questioned her ability to do most of the movements and activities thinking Oak Strength was out of her league.  However, through compassionate coaching, patience, and consistency, she slowly began to reveal her inner athlete and discovered a whole new level of confidence.  She is in the best shape of her life at the prime age of 48.  She, in turn, has become the compassionate motivator to those who enter with hesitation or skepticism!

Tammy Pedrick

Fitness provides you with the strength to battle all of life’s unknown challenges and disappointments.  Tammy is no stranger to life’s challenges: losing a husband, losing a sister, fighting Lyme’s disease, having various severe reactions to medications, etc.  Even just one of these challenges is enough to send someone on a downward spiral, but not Tammy.  She has connected with a group of coaches and a community which supports her, cares for her, and encourages her to be her best.  Through mountains and valleys, she has done her best to stay the course realizing that the way she treats her mind and body greatly affects her outlook on life and her quality of life.  Tammy has children and grandchildren that depend on her and she plans on being a prime example of health, happiness, and confidence to help them through their storms and hers.

Chris Hardwick

Limitations are made for conquering.  Chris entered our doors wondering if Oak Strength would be able to help him get fit even though he had a previous shoulder injury that limited his movement.  Met by accommodating and accepting coaches who worked within his capabilities, he quickly found the support he needed to be successful.  Chris also attributes his positive attitude towards being able to work out beside the accepting and welcoming community of Oak Strength.  No one conquers battles alone and Chris has found his army to help him meet his fitness goals!

Rick Reese

Finding the right fit is sometimes difficult to do.  Rick has tried various fitness facilities but found them lacking in some capacity every time. Oak Strength provided the right combination of personalized coaching, acceptance of his abilities, and challenge for his fitness needs.  Rick never thought community mattered in the fitness realm but Oak Strength’s community has proven to be a tremendous source of support, motivation, and challenge and he is an integral part of the Oak Strength family!

Rachel Clark

Defy a medical diagnosis by writing your own prescription for a healthy life.  At the young age of 19, Rachael was recommended to have knee replacements for her already arthritic knees.  A once active Rachael was now limited to walking on a treadmill as her only option for exercise.  This was not the diagnosis that she desired, so she took her health into her own hands.  Upon joining Oak Strength, Rachael had some significant imbalances and mobility restrictions she had to work through.  However, being so young and willing, Rachael progressed quickly and immediately noticed less pain, better movement, and more strength.  “Dr.” Rachael’s prescription?  Make getting to Oak Strength multiple times a week a priority.  Say goodbye to clicking knees, painful movement, and lifestyle restrictions.

Renee & Molly Perry

Together is just better.  This dynamic mother-daughter duo has been a staple at 5am.  Renee is a distance runner who realized, early on, that the connection between weight loss, exercise and diet is a powerful one.  She has stayed consistent in her quest for health even through repeated life transitions, being a military wife, and experiencing various gyms.  Molly, however, had the opposite dilemma.  As a student and tumbling instructor, she spent so much time helping other athletes reach their goals, that she had little time to focus on herself.  At Molly’s request, they came to check out Oak Strength.  When Renee saw couples, parent/child pairs, and families working out together, she knew this was the place for her and Molly.  Both of these women have discovered strengths they didn’t know they had and have surpassed their same aged peers in regards to mobility, strength, and stamina!  

Tracy Kreitzmann

Community + Competition = Motivation + Success.  Beginning in the sandlot and moving to the diamond, Traci has a love for softball and has committed many years of her life to the game.  When life slowed her down a bit, she decided to switch up her fitness routine.  With disappointment, Traci quickly discovered that treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes were not motivating for her and she was feeling unconnected unlike her softball days.  Oak Strength filled in the gaps of camaraderie and supportive competition with a community of like minded individuals and challenging skills and workouts.  A hunger grew within her to accomplish more and stay committed.  Her inner athlete shone brightly as she began competing in local CrossFit competitions alongside fellow members.  Traci has also found a new motivation for staying fit: keeping up with her grandkids and preparing for an active retirement!  There’s no better community to strive for success in than family!

Sally Swanson

Finding a reason to stay fit, outside of yourself, can be the best reward.  Sally is a mother, wife, employee, and grandmother.  Working out and being active is nothing new for Sally, who has been active most of her life.  However, since joining Oak Strength, she has filled in the gaps of her training with many vital skills: flexibility, stamina, coordination, mobility, strength, bone mass, and a young mind!  These skills are the reason she continues because they provide her with the ability to move and play with her grandkids.  Running, chasing, catching, crawling, jumping, riding, holding, throwing, and lifting are some of Sally’s favorite things . . . especially when they involve being with little kids!  Feeling good about yourself is the silver lining of fitness; however, using fitness to reap the reward of enjoying memorable times with grandkids is gold!

Emma Platzbecker

The learning never stops – even with fitness!  Sports can be rough on an athlete’s body and Emma has experienced that first hand.  As a freshman and sophomore track athlete, she dealt with numerous injuries which always ended with her running in pain.  It was recommended, by her coach, that she seek out wisdom from Oak Strength for addressing her weaknesses.  Being the dedicated student and athlete that she is, Emma soaked up all the knowledge and insight that her Oak Strength coaches provided.  She ran pain free for the remainder of her high school track career and is now running track at UW-LaCrosse.  Much success as an athlete comes from learning proper movement, injury prevention, efficient technique, and proper nutrition and Emma attributes most of her success to her education at Oak Strength.

Nicky Althoff

Fitness abilities and goals are not created equal.  Nicky was a self-proclaimed “scrawny kid” who got pushed around on the soccer field or by her younger brothers.  Naturally, she felt a bit intimidated among the muscular adults lifting twice her body weight when she joined Oak Strength.  However, Nicky saw that her coaches realized that a runner has different abilities and goals than other types of athletes.  Not everyone is built the same; therefore, they don’t expect everyone to train the same.  Through customized programming focused on correcting Nicky’s running form flaws and complimenting her speed training on the track, she experienced noticeably faster times and fewer injuries throughout her high school career.  Nicky has come to cherish the individualized technical and moral support she received and admits that has propelled her forward into running on a college track team and living a healthy life!