2018 Food Trend Predictions

Sometimes it feels like nutrition education should be an arts degree, not a science degree, doesnt it? Foods and nutrition trends are as fickle as the fashion industry!

2017 was all about more fat, less sugar, all of the avocado on toast, and McDonalds teaching us breakfast doesnt end at 11 a.m. Whats 2018 going to be about?


Just for fun, here are some (humble) 2018 food predictions:


Brain HealthFoods:

Consider the baby boomer generation: So many of their parents are still alive, but with degenerating brains and severe memory loss. Its taking a toll on their children, baby boomers in their 60s, who hope to God they arent going to have the same type of memory loss their parents are currently suffer when theyre in their 80s. Look out for marketing that labels foods as good for brain health, and specifically for the memory. Baby boomers will flock!


Plant-based probiotics

Plant-based this and that continues to trend hotly, as do probiotics. More and more, these proud plant-based individuals are going to search for probiotic food sources that go beyond yogurt and kefir.


Sugar-free, sugar-free, sugar free

Didnt you hear, sugar is the devil! More and more cities and states are looking into sugar taxes and soda bans. While sugar-free is already a popular way to market a product, look for more products and companies to capitalize on the no sugar craze in 2018.


Morning Coffee made into a meal!

We already see it happening with trends like bulletproof coffeewhich has MCT oil and ghee added to itor adding collagen to an espressoI predict the idea of turning coffee into an entire meal replacement will continue. Coffee spiked with protein powder or matcha?


Fermented Foods Contd

Kombucha is nowhere near finished. It has gained a lot of steam in the last couple years. More and more kombucha brands continue to pop up in grocery stores.

Fermented foods are known to be good for gut healthanother popular buzz word these daysso watch for things like kimchi to gain momentum. Maybe sauerkraut will even make a comeback?


Functional Mushrooms?

Just add a word people like, such as functionaland people get excited. For real, functional mushrooms are a real thing. (Does that mean there are non-functional mushrooms, too?) Functional mushroomsare used to support wellness and are finding their way into things bottled drinks, coffees, smoothies and teas. More of this to come in 2018.


More bubbles, please!

With the world starting to frown upon soda drinkers the way we used to criticize smokers, more and more people are trying to get off the sugary drinks. But these former soda-addicts will still want their carbonation, so look out for lots of new options for flavoured, sugar-free, calorie-free sparkling waters of all sorts.


What do you think will get big in the food world in 2018?

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